Master Station

To manage fieldbus communication, two types of buses are existed: “proprietary” or “open “system”. Whereas the first one compels users to use compatible devices supplied by the same manufacturer, an “open” system allows customers to connect several types of actuators or sensors to their fieldbus, and consequently, to choose freely their equipment supplier.

The Master Station is also a flexible product which can be adapted to your needs or requirements

Our Master Station is a ready-to-work solution which eases the command and control of large quantities of motor operated valves by the mean of a fieldbus. It will help you saving time and resources.

Our Master Station is packaged in a standard 21’’ rack, which facilitates its integration in your control room.

It is an interface located between the DCS and the actuators, which can re-place your standard industrial computer.

You can choose to link your Master Station to your DCS through an RS485 connection, working with a Modbus RTU protocol. Or through an Ethernet support, with a Modbus TCP/IP protocol.